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What should foreign nationals know in order to work in Russia?

Russia is the biggest country in the world. That is why many think that there are plenty of work places in town, and there is a lack of workers and highly skilled specialists in Russia. In view of this a great number of foreign nationals, wishing to find a job here, come to the country annually.

However, if an ordinary highly skilled specialist in Russia sometimes faces a lot of problems with employment, the situation with foreign nationals is much more complicated.

At first it is vital to mention that every foreign national, who seeks employment in Russia, needs a working visa in Russia. To process it you should obtain a work permit in Russia.

The working visa in Russia gives you the right to work in the RF and receive a salary. However, the procedure of obtainment of this important document and a work permit for a highly skilled specialist in Russia is rather long and tedious.

It has two stages. Firstly, a foreign national has to obtain an invitation for a single working visa, which gives him the right to stay in the country for up to 90 days. With this invitation it is necessary to apply for a single entry visa at a Russian Consulate in the foreigner’s native country.           

This single visa gives foreign nationals the possibility to enter the country and register within three days in accordance with the place of registration. But there is a problem with residence. In this case nobody can do without a residence permit in Russia.

The residence permit in Russia is a unique document. If a foreign national has citizenship in Russia, this document gives him the right for free entrance and departure from the country. In the case of absence of the citizenship in Russia it will be the certificate confirming the personality.

If necessary you can firstly obtain a temporary residence permit in Russia and after that a residence permits in Russia for a highly skilled specialist.

If a foreign national has a temporary residence permit in Russia, he has the possibility to live in Russia permanently for three years.

When a foreign national comes to Russia and obtains all necessary papers, he can transform his single working visa into a multiple one. In this case it is not required to leave the county and visit a Russian Consulate abroad.

It is worth mentioning that if a foreign national wishes to obtain a work permit for a highly skilled specialist in Russia, he can also stay in the country to obtain a multiple visa.

It is important to note that a working visa in Russia cannot be prolonged more than three times in a row without leaving the country.

In order to carry out legal business in Russia, one must obtain a work permit in Russia.

In order to obtain a single working visa you should prepare the following set of documents:  copy of passport with notarized translation, original and copy of permission to employ foreign nationals, work permit in Russia, draft of labor contract and letter of guarantee.

After a foreign national obtains a multiple working visa, he has the right to stay in the RF within a year and enter and leave the country as he wishes.

If a highly skilled specialist has a residence permit in Russia and the foreign national wants to settle in the country, he will surely need citizenship in Russia. In this case he will enjoy all the rights which Russian nationals have and should not be afraid that sooner or later his documents will  expire.





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